Finance for the Construction industry

Operating a construction company is widely considered to be one of the most challenging tasks in the finance world.

With layers of contractors and subcontractors, recovering outstanding invoices can be tough. Similarly to the Manufacturing industry, there can be delays of up to 120 days before payments are received for work that has already been completed. This can prevent even the largest of construction firms being able to move on and begin the next project, with materials and machinery soaking up a large percentage of a businesses cash flow. With Simple Secure Finance, you can bridge these gaps between payments and continue on an upward trend of growth.

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“During our recent change in facilitator I was kept very well informed of every step by telephone calls, emails and meetings. The aftercare has been absolutely outstanding, with 6 monthly progress meetings, assistance in any areas we feel we may need further advice, and readily taking actions if required. I would gladly recommend the services of Simple Secure Finance to anyone that required such consultancy.”

N. Sherwood

“I can honestly say business with Simple Secure Finance is a breath of fresh air in the industry. Always available when I need advice, nothing seems too much trouble. Would highly recommend.”

G. Crossfield

“We’ve worked with Simple Secure Finance for a number of years and they have been instrumental in advising and sourcing the best business finance for our needs.
Their knowledge of the finance industry is both broad and deep and they have shown great skill in being able to drill down to find the right solution for our individual needs. Highly skilled negotiators, and very easy to talk to. I’d highly recommend Simple Secure Finance.”

S. Roberts

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