Export/Import Finance

What is Export/Import Finance?

Import Export finance is a type of finance that fills the funding gap between receiving goods and sending payment for importers and exporters. Typically, it is a short-term finance option provided by a third party finance company.

The Problem

One of the key issues with importing and exporting goods is the perceived lack of trust between clients and providers, as well as overseas suppliers demanding payment before the manufacturing and shipping of goods to buyers. This can put pressure on the cash flow of businesses, as funds can be tied up for up to 120 days until the final invoice is paid.

How we can help

When importing or exporting goods, anywhere in the world, there are often gaps between payments being sent and received – Export/Import finance is the perfect solution to bridge these gaps, as well as resolving issues with currency payments and credit assessments. The provider of the loan acts as a middle man between the importer, the manufacturer and the end customer, financing the entire transaction.

The benefit of this process is that suppliers get paid quickly, making it easier for them to accept new orders. In turn, this means that the importer can then negotiate early payment benefits and discounts. Overall, the importer is in a much better position from which they can fulfill orders and accept new ones.

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